A downloadable grapply boi for Windows

The game where you grapple together your planet


You move around the endless gravityless space. With relatively complex simulates physics. Your job I to collect to fallen parts of your old planet to build a new home. In addition, you can also collect artefacts that are saved across play sessions. Among these, you can find quite a few easter eggs and some droplets of lore. 

Game jam:

This game was made for the BTP jam 2 so there is also a jam version that is more or less objectively worse than the post-jam version. But if you wanna play the origional jam game, it is preserved with no changes. You can check it out if your'e interested. Just remember to read the included .txt file if you are to do so.

Tools used:

-Game maker studio 2

-Bosca ceoil


- bfxr.net

Install instructions

- Download

- Unzip

- Read included .txt file (only on the jam ver.)

- Open executable


planetary grapple (post jam ver).zip 9 MB
Planetary grapple (jam ver).zip 3 MB

Development log


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