Post jam v.1.1 released


Now that the BTP jam 2 voting period is over. I have finished and released the post-jam version of Planetary grapple. I'd call it v. 1.1 and you probably shouldn't expect any more major updates after this. As i will focus on other projects. 

I will note that this has probably my best jam so far. Placing nr. 1 in inovation, which i still can't really belive. In addition to nr. 2 on theme and nr. 16 overall. That means in now in the top 20 of the BTP jam 2, so you can expect to see this game featured on the youtube channel "Blackthornprod". I HUGE thanks to everyone who played and rated my game :)

Now for the update.


- Added a stage of completion. So you can now acctually "win"! 

- Added a tutorial built into the game. No more .txt files!

- Fixed a bug that would randomly crash the game during gameplay.  

- Added multiple different sprites for planets.

- Added 9 new artefacts. The new total is now at 11.

- Removed 1 artefact. 

- Added sfx for many different aspects of the gameplay. 

- Made options for resizing the game window when starting the game. 

- Changed the opening music as it was glitchy. 

- Tweaked the fuel usage and refill ammounts.

- The game now has a uniqe icon and window title.

- Other small fixes and tweaks.

Hope you will have a look at the game in its new, finished state. It would mean a lot to me.

If you find any bugs, please tell me. The crash repport that comes with a potentioall game crash is really helpfull in that case. You can dm me on discord at philipl#0307.


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Mar 17, 2019

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