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Reapers Sythe

You've decided to face the ultimate boss battle  Death itself. 

But you forgot to bring your weapons!

Looks like you'll have to steal his Scythe and use it against itself to win this battle!


Tap right click to catch the scythe.
Hold Left click to charge your throw and release to throw.

Jam entry

This is an entry for the GMTK game jam with the theme "only one". This game fratures only one weapon, beeing the sythe.


The game features an adaptive soundtrack, wonderfull character animations and sfx by CananaMan

Me myself (PhilipL) am responsible for the code, game design and graphics.

Install instructions

- Download

- Unzip

- Play

- Please repport any bugs over on https://discord.gg/kdQUS7m

- Thank you for playing :)


Reapers sythe (post jam ver).zip 7 MB
Reapers Sythe (jam ver) .zip 6 MB


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Good game. I enjoyed it.

Thanks :)