A downloadable game for Windows

The post jam version is here!

In this game you are a level designer. Your task is to finish rushed games so that players can play them.

You manipulate the levels from the outside before you launch the game. You can also edit the levels post launch. Sometimes it's even necessary to get the 5 required players to the goal. 

Every time you edit the game post launch the version number goes up. Try to keep it as low as possoble.

Install instructions

- download

- unpack the .zip file

- enjoy


FinishMyGames Post jam v3.zip 3 MB
FinishMyGame BTP.zip 2 MB


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I just want to say that the concept and style of this game was magnificent! The gameplay was innovative and your art style meshed with it very well for a quality aesthetic. My only complaint would be that I don't think you fleshed out the mechanics as much as you could have and that some of the gameplay in general needs some polish, but otherwise I'd call this game a generally enjoyable experience.

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Thanks a lot. I know the game lacks a lot of polish. I wouldn't have access to my pc after wedensday so i had to complete game then. Glad you could get some enjoyment out of it anyway.